Hand editing an entire novel manuscript

A Difficult Birth

The hand edits of my entire novel manuscript (both sides of each page because some of the backs of the pages have notes scrawled on them but not all), are now scanned! Here’s an example of the scans — Editing the novel manuscript – Post its all pages hand edits march 31 2013.

My loyal and dogged amanuensis is typing up chapters 11 – 21, and I’m doing chapters 1 – 10.

Honestly, it’s been a nightmare. An absolute nightmare.

Post Its?

The post its tell me what sections the 40,000 words that need to be re-inserted go in. It’s a non-linear narrative, by the way. When all of this is done, finally, at last, finally, finally, I can submit it again. Talk about Frankenstein’s Monster.

I wrote the novel in three months back in 2009 and have been tussling with the edits and rewrites ever since – the cutting, the edits, the destroying, the resurrection, reconstruction and reshaping into something more real. It’s a strange hybrid monster of a thing, reading, in its original form, as though it were written by three different people. It’s been like wrestling an alligator…or stitching one back together.

Novel As Metaphor

A good friend of mine, Miranda Boers, said this in an email. I quite like it. –

Sort of a bit of a metaphor for your life this book, hey? And no I don’t mean you are Frankenstein’s Monster – she adds hastily – but sorting it out, editing it and move it round to make it work the way you want it to! ( ; >

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