A journal editor’s to-do list

This is the provisional to-do list for ESC, and is of course aside from my full time job & writing & novel editing. There’s two other people but we’re all busy. We really really so terribly badly need a web-savvy person to join the team. Sigh. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Issue 4 Launch

  • Co-ordinate the hitch hiking road trip & filming thereof, & get places to stay on the way around Ireland
  • Strategise Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook promotions of it
  • Find blogs/websites to write a bit about on for the issue, and then write those pieces

Online Issues

  • Continue participating on other publications’ issuu pages so that they come to check ESC out
  • Do more InDesign tutorials
  • Design mockup layouts for issues 1 & 2 of the online ESC zines
  • Do them in InDesign and export to PDF
  • Upload to the ESC issuu account
  • Do more InDesign tutorials
  • Compile, design, InDesign, export, upload and publicise more issues
  • Rinse and repeat


  • Continue blogging & website design upgrades
  • Find out how to do a landing page and do one
  • Change the typefaces

Sound recordings

  • Finish uploading all of the audi_ESC recordings to our SoundCloud
  • Let the entire world and everyone ever know about it

2013 photoESC and the PhotoIreland Festival in general and the exhibition in Gallery 8

  • Continue vetting photography submissions for photoESC
  • Continue telling people we’re accepting photography submissions and what a big deal it is
  • Get little features on photography & design websites
  • Tell submitters if they’ve been accepted
  • Get a photographer we admire to write a forward for the issue
  • Do mockup layout of the photoESC issue
  • Do more InDesign tutorials
  • Do the issue in InDesign and export to PDF
  • Get the issue printed
  • Upload the PDF to the ESC issuu account
  • Design and print exhibition invitations
  • Buy wine for the exhibition
  • Write blurb for the exhibition
  • Write short speech for the exhibition
  • Go to the PhotoIreland festival and sit there for four days and DON’T get overwhelmed again like last time
  • Go to the exhibition opening night. Look nice at it

Rinse & repeat

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