English Grammar Explained….by Carissa Halston

Author of 'The Mere Weight of Words' & 'A Girl Named Charlie Lester.' Founder/host of Literary Firsts. Editor of apt. Stories in Massachusetts Review & 14 Hills


Carissa Halston is very awesome and also pretty hot. You can read my review of her novella Mere Weight over on the Rumpus by clicking right here. You can peruse Carissa’s website here and stalk her on Twitter here. Stalking Carissa Halston is highly recommended (I’m sure she’d agree).

So I’d been planning to sentence diagram a poem but hit up against, well, my complete lack of education regarding the terminology of English grammar very early on. I now understand why my French teacher in school would get annoyed that we didn’t know what the object of a sentence was.

I told Carissa about my dream and she very kindly sat me down (online) and laid it all out for me.

Carissa, many thanks. The poem is as yet un-diagrammed  I have failed you and the state of contemporary literature. Forgive me.

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