Being a female comic book fan

In which I reveal my not-so-secret identity

So I’m pretty sick and tired of the way things are when you’re a female comic-book fan. You think girl gamers have it bad? Walk into a comic-book shop. One of the down-home indie ones. Go on.

The way my male friends talk about comics and go to comic-related movies annoys me just because I apparently have an instant invisibility cloak that I can’t control.

So I pawed at Twitter for a while, was RT’d by Everyday Sexism once, and then a completely unrelated incident made the camel’s back shatter into a trillion pixelated pieces and I thought….

…screw it.

Screw this. Screw them. Screw YOU – if you’re one of those guys who’s disappointed that girls in real life never look like Wonder Woman and secretly you think they’re not trying hard enough – I’m going to write comics and everyone can go to get eaten by bears or something for all I care.

the secret life of heroes by greg guillemin
Catwoman, the secret life of heroes, by greg guillemin

My first step on the being an out n’ proud female comic-book fan was to set up a website where I shall briefly review comic-books of all shapes, sizes, platforms and level of virtuality. At least that way there’ll be another woman somewhere talking about comic-books – and seeing as a lot of the comics I read are born and bred here in Ireland, people’ll hear about them too. Super.

You can go to the website by clicking here:

Jessica Likes Comics

In the meantime, back over here, expect to be hearing little updates now and then about comic-book scripts.

Lara Croft, The Secret Life of Heroes, Greg Guillemin
Lara Croft, The Secret Life of Heroes, Greg Guillemin

3 thoughts on “Being a female comic book fan

  1. Thanks! I’m just really glad to have the friendly and not-scarily-feministy support of women like yourself and know I don’t have to feel bad or as if I’m ‘faking it’ to ‘be cool’.


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