Life doesn’t come with achievements to unlock.

There’s always that point where you wonder what the point is. You start feeling like you’re running a race that’s already over. You look back, and remember that you’ve been at this point before.

You start thinking, I’m wasting my life, I should be doing such-and-such, oh if only I had time to do whatever-it-is then I’d have achieved the purpose in my life.

Well, no.


Once you do whatever it is you wanted to do, you’re never going to lvl up. You’re never going to feel like you’re a better person, all of a sudden, or that you’re on a higher plane to everyone else.

No, you’re just going to immediately think….but this still isn’t good enough. I haven’t done such-and-such yet. My friend managed to do whatever-it-is while working 100 hours a week in a coalmine. My life is so unfair. Mine is a faded talent.

So…. stop treating life like there’s waypoints and look at the path, not the finish line.

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