Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain? [infographic]

Happy Infographic Friday!

This is also the day in which I fly to Charleroi (after work) and spend the weekend in (hopefully) sunny Belgium. Hooray! Also there’s some kind of market…and I get to touch my typewriter (which was bought for the princely sum of 7 euro), a 1952 Remington Quiet Riter which is actually older than my parents and apparently ‘built like a tank’ according to this blog here.

So really, all these things are good.

Whether Ryanair are going to let me on the plane with it is another matter entirely.

Over the weekend, I shall be pondering an interesting thought – does the act of writing affect your brain? And how? How does writing facts or names or phone numbers down help us remember them? Why is telling a story more memorable than just telling someone the bare facts of the tale?

does the act of writing affect your brain?

Amazing Facts on Writing and How it Affects Our Brain [Infographic] - An Infographic from

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