The Sound of Silence (infographic)

Happy Infographic Friday.

Since ‘Writing prompt: go without hearing’, I’ve been pretty sick with ear infections but I’m all doctor’d up so I’ll live til I’m twice married, as my Auntie Hilda would say.

With ears being very much on the agenda this week, today’s infographic is about hearing. Maybe it’ll help with your writing piece!

An important note:

I’d like to mention that what’s going on with my ears is in no way a big deal, as I’ve been getting some messages from people who seemed quite unnerved and upset, so – to put your minds at rest, I’m not going completely deaf any time soon (I hope!).

Back to the infographic:

This infographic was produced by Amplifon, with the intention to educate people about the signs of hearing loss, and the stigma surrounding it.

Admitting you have hearing loss can be very difficult. Nobody wants to admit they are getting older, but with up to 4 million people in the UK suffering in silence, everyone has a part to play when it comes breaking the stigma associated with hearing problems.

The first step in helping a loved one or yourself is education, so we have put together this visual infographic to help everyone understand more about hearing problems from the facts to the stigmas, to the solutions. We believe that armed with this knowledge you can play a valuable part in ensuring hearing problems are resolved early, and as a family.

The Sound Of Silence by Amplifon

Infographic by Amplifon

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