Curing Writers Block

What is writers’ block anyway?

It’s when you’re staring at a blank page/blinking cursor/out the window/at your keyboard and your imagination won’t get up out of bed for love nor money nor huge amounts of tea. It looks a bit like this:




Why should you care?

If all the writers in all the world never cured their writers block, there’d be NOTHING to read and you’d be so bored of Candy Crush saga that you might actually have to go outside.


The cure to writers block

It’s easy.

Read things you wrote 16 years ago…when you were mad into His Dark Materials and your handwriting was way neater.

  1. It’ll remind you why you’re writing in the first place
  2. It’ll make you forget why you care what other people think
  3. It’ll make you stop worrying about plot structure and whether things make sense
  4. You’ll just write…which is what you’re meant to be doing.

I found this inside a book in my bookcase. It makes me wonder what else is squirreled away in there.

Writing from 16 years ago - Jessica Maybury
Writing from 16 years ago – Jessica Maybury

2 thoughts on “Curing Writers Block

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t write much when I was younger. If I did, then It would have similar themes to what I write now. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing!


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