Knickerbocker: an ice-cream of a poem

Sometimes you meet a particular person that, ever after, makes you feel warm inside knowing that they’re out there somewhere in the world, being their fabulous, golden selves.

I read a post there a while ago, suggesting we write a poem about the incomparable icecream, the Knickerbocker Glory. I had the idea in the back of my mind, and the poem just jumped out of me as I was brushing my teeth.

This one is for Jane O’Sullivan. She’s one such fabulous, golden lady. I know her from various zine fairs here in Dublin. We sell our books, she sells her pieces, and when she and I meet once or twice a year it’s with great joy.


an ice-cream of a poem for Jane O’Sullivan


I am not to be flippant,

or say silly things like

you’re the sweetness in my


I’m not to be funny,

or to pass remark or, worse,

be sentimental:

I’m just to say that

sometimes we have cherries,


sometimes people carry

rainbows in their ribcages,


sometimes it’s good to know

that now is enough, and now

is all the dessert we’ve been

waitingย for.

18 thoughts on “Knickerbocker: an ice-cream of a poem

  1. now is enough and the dessert we have been waiting for…love that…and of course the rainbows in ribcages…charming response for sure…very cool…very cool toast to a friend…


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