#VisDare – Engraved – flash fiction

They say that when you reach 50, you have the face you deserve. There are sly words for wrinkles – laughter lines, crows’ feet, smile lines, frown lines.

Society abors them. It wants the rose always, never the winter, or the regeneration.

The world never wants the end.

Franny, however, really didn’t care about her face. The grey in her hair didn’t bother her. Franny knew that the appearance of the body was the very last thing that was important – in such a vast span of life that we all have, she watched the clouds, the stars, the street lights, animals, children, ladybugs…everything. She did not want to be impervious to the world but to join in with this pageant of scenes and tastes and moments.

She threw down her smartphone, turned off the TV, and left the house.

She spent the rest of the afternoon outside.


7 thoughts on “#VisDare – Engraved – flash fiction

    1. I’m starting to feel like the Lady of Shalott, looking out at the world through the mirror of social media.


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