short story acceptance

Hooray! short story acceptance!

I had a story with a very difficult past accepted to a little magazine that I genuinely love and admire. I just love the aesthetic of Dr Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure, and the work that’s in it and the ideology behind it.

I’m delighted to have had the short story accepted. It’s one of my longer ones, and spawned a novel.

The spiky and irritating past of Something About the Days Getting Shorter

I think Dr Hurley was the 15th or 16th place it had been submitted to (since 2009 when it was written) so it just goes to show that a little persistence goes a long away.

A magazine called Ghoti had accepted it years ago and then decided to close the same week. I was only new to the submissions process at the time, and was so very sad.

This is my 3rd publication of the year. It’s been a very quiet year, publication-wise, but very, very busy in other ways. I can’t really believe it’s July already.

Thanks, Dr Hurley!

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