July – International Zine Month #izm2013

I got myself a little book there recently called Stolen Sharpie Revolution. I was excited about ESC’s gallery opening, and decided to reward myself for Good Work.

So, apparently it’s International Zine Month.

I make writing and visual art zines with two other people (they’re both artists) under the name of ESC, here in Dublin.

We go to events and stuff – this year so far there’s been Independents Day, Strange Cargo’s Zine Library, the PhotoIreland Festival Book & Magazine Fair, we had a gallery opening and a show that ran for 2 weeks, and there was a filmed hitchhiking trip. Next month we have the Dublin Zine Fair to look forward to.

I make my own zines as well, mostly as presents for people, but I have some that are autobiographical or rants about certain subjects, that are just by me. I’m planning a few on aspects of musical theory or pieces of flash fiction.

If you ever want to swap zines, just send me an email or tweet me, and we have have a chat about it.

What zines am I reading at the moment? Two from Dublin called Loudmouth and Pro-Zine, perhaps both made by RAG, and a lovely one that I’m kind of obsessed with by Julia Staite that’s a Little Red Riding Hood book/zine. I carry it with me all the time.

Here’s all the events and ‘things to do each day’ throughout the entire month of July for International Zine Month. I got this over at the Stolen Sharpie Revolution website.

July is International Zine Month
July is International Zine Month – Stolen Sharpie Revolution

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