Inside The Liberties, Dublin [photoset]

The Liberties of Dublin, Ireland were jurisdictions that existed since the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century. They were town lands united to the city, but still preserving their own jurisdiction. The most important of these liberties were the Liberty of St. Sepulchre, under the Archbishop of Dublin, and the Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore belonging to the Abbey of St. Thomas (later called the Earl of Meath‘s Liberty). Today’s “Dublin Liberties” generally refer to the inner-city area covered by these two liberties. – Wikipedia

Well the move is over and my new bed is comfortable. What else is important, really, in a house, aside from a comfortable bed, a good shower, and a cooker?

The place where I’m living is actually a former primary school, and is mostly empty. There are 8 other people living there (I think). I’ve met 4 now.

The Liberties

The Liberties, along with Smithfield, are my two favourite parts of Dublin city. So, I’ve now moved from North County Dublin right into the middle of Dublin City. I’m still slightly amazed that I now live on the south side.

Here’s some links about the history of the area and general items of interest:


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