Music Lessons Make You Smarter [Infographic]

I KNEW there’d be benefits to learning the piano aside from it being GREAT!

Next year is the 20th anniversary of my relationship with the 88 keys. I play mostly ‘classical’ pieces these days, rather than film soundtracks or popular songs or anything like that.

The people whose work seems to fit my hands really well are Chopin, Mozart, Bach, Scarlatti and Satie.

I don’t have a ‘favourite’ composer. Sometimes I’ll go through an intense ‘Schubert’ phase.

In school, I heard a lot about how music develops your emotional intelligence. I never really looked into this and was just reminded of it when I saw this infographic.

So do you think musicians are smarter? Or are they just pretending?

Music Lessons Make You Smarter [Infographic]
Thanks to Take Lessons . Com

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