VisDare 31: Focused – Flash Fiction

#VisDare 31: Focused
#VisDare 31: Focused


Tommy eyed his reflection without trying to look like he was doing it.

“Would you look at the state of yer man,” N34 muttered, “thinkin’ no-one’s lookin’.”

“Shuddup man,” C12 mumbled.
“I’m just sayin’. I’d luv ta film dem and put it on the YouTube.”

There was a sigh from K90, a female mannequin with plastic bags wound around her to preserve her plastic modesty.
“You’re only talking about YouTube because of that billboard,” she pointed out, “you don’t even know what ‘film’ is.”

“I do so, it’s where you keep your memories and YouTube.”

Tommy’s hair was gelled it moved in one piece, like a Legoman’s.
“Dude is this too much?” he said to his friend.

A strangled glut of rage from C12. Another sigh from K90.
“I can’t wait to move over to Prada,” she drawled, her eyes glittering over at the flagship store across the street.


This is a visual creative writing dare, called VisDare for short. Created by the super Angela Goff, you can read more about it here.

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