Publication: “What Guantánamo Bay has in common with East Germany and serial killers.”

Ideas are terrible things

I’ve been reading a good deal about Guantánamo Bay. It hasn’t been an exercise in flippancy or voyeurism. Yes, I enjoy body horror films, but no, not if I see things like that happening in real life. I like my torture to be kept fictional, thank you; but when reality and fantasy begin to blur in our cinemas and on our TV screens, it’s hard to really see anything objectively any more.

For me, reading about this stuff has been a search for answers to the old question — why? Why does this happen? What makes people do what they do? Am I capable of doing things like that to other people? If not, why not? What is ‘good’? What is ‘evil’? In a world in which ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are just figments of mankind’s imagination, what is it that makes us tick?

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