David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd, singing Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Pink Floyd

Confession: I love the band Pink Floyd. When I was a kid I listened to my parents’ CD of Atom Heart Mother on loop for weeks. I used to listen to Time from Dark Side of the Moon in the dark because it would always make me jump, the sudden clanging of alarms. Listen to Time here, it’s stupendous: the more I get older and learn about musical theory, the more the song astounds me. There’s even references to how amazing this song is in a comic series called Mind the Gap (which is great, btw).

You can listen to the full Atom Heart Mother here.

I digress

David Gilmour singing Shakespeare

David Gilmour is famous and honoured (he’s a CBE) for his work as the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd. To him I say, thank you, sir, for this:

What do you think?


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