A Zine Camp in Rotterdam to Make Zines and Friends

There’s two pieces of news today! Both bits of news involve zines (click here to see all the posts about zines).

Zines are great but don’t take my word for it. A quote, ladies and gents (from the camp in Rotterdam site) that explains one of the coolest things about zines better than I ever could:

Experimentation with form, technical execution, concept, or (ideological) function is more than welcome to open up the possibilities of what a zine can be today, i.e audio zine, film zine, super 8 zine, etc.

Rotterdam Zine Camp

Zine Festival RotterdamHow exciting! Read all about it here. And yes, obviously I’m going to see if I can go (it’s not far from here, according to Google Maps). I love stalls! And friends. The posters being in English is already very promising…

Reading Writing Submissions

Writing submissions for ESC #5 are now closed, so we’re getting cracking with reading all of them (there’s well over 100!) and getting back to the writers asap. Here’s my desk for submissions reading time. Bring on the copious cups a tae!

ESC reading

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