Before You Submit Your Book

I’ve started sending my book out to publishing companies, so we’ll wait a few months (hooray…) and see how that goes. I’d like to shout out to the Irish writer Amy Gaffney who read, proofed and critiqued it for me. She’s so fast and her comments were very insightful. You can read her blog for some writing-y goodness.

Sending your book to someone to read before you send it out to publishers is so important. You might think it’s just perfect the way it is, but having someone else read it is invaluable. They spot all the plot holes, timeline bloopers and small things like character descriptions (or lack thereof, in my case) that you never noticed.

Reading the submissions guidelines is always crucial, whether it’s for an agent, a publisher or a literary magazine. It’s surprising how many people just don’t bother doing it and hit the send button without formatting anything properly. I get exasperated with it myself with ESC.

My final bit of advice to anyone out there reading this is that you just have to submit always. Not only does it give you more chance to get your work out there, it might also get you feedback from publishers and editors (you never know), but more importantly it thickens your skin.

So you’ve been rejected once, you lock yourself in your room and listen to radiohead, cry, and think you’re crap forever. You’re not. Just keep submitting, keep reading the guidelines, and keep getting better at what you’re doing by paying attention to your technique.


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