18 Adventures I Had Last Summer

Hello! It’s been a while since my last update, hasn’t it. Here’s a brief account of the goings on:

The roadtrip down the route of the Great River Road (mentioned here) in the United States was incredible. I also ended up writing a good bit of poetry during it and having adventures that included:

  1. sneaking into an abandoned themepark to take photographs
  2. swimming in the sea with some fish in Key West
  3. getting drunk in New Orleans
  4. spending two full days in Disney World
  5. staying in some pretty creepy motels
  6. checking out the art deco architecture in Maimi beach
  7. going up the Empire State Building at night
  8. attending a wedding in Iowa
  9. listening to some blues bands in Ground Zero, Clarksdale, Mississippi
  10. checking out the famous Sun Studio where Elvis recorded his first record
  11. walking around the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was murdered
  12. meeting and taking photographic portraits of  Jacqueline Smith, the last tenant of the Lorraine Motel who has been protesting outside of it (as it’s now the Civil Rights Museum) for the last 26 years. She showed me a photo of her and Bono. I hate Bono
  13. staying in Ferguson while the recent race riots were going on – that was completely by accident though
  14. The car was towed once, nearly eaten by mosquitos in the everglades, and washed clean by a torrential rain downpour that overturned TRUCKS in Alabama
  15. I also kissed the ground in front of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s apartment, which is now the only museum in the world anywhere dedicated to either of them. Madness!
  16. taking 10 rolls of film photographs, a load of digital photographs and some android photographs
  17. posing with my boyfriend for a photo in front of the American Gothic house (see below)
  18. having my baggage lost on the way to America by American Airlines and it’s still not been returned
  19. meeting two amazing people that I know from the internet – Joe Birdwell and Carlo Ostrout
  20. eating roughly my own weight in barbequed ribs
American Gothic 21st Century
Rik and I posing in front of the house featured in the famous painting, ‘American Gothic.’

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