All about zines and writing stories

I haven’t been writing a lot; it’s a horrible truth. I was thinking about NaNoWriMo the other day, and how it really makes people write, or at least try to stick to a deadline. I’ve never been great at doing NaNoWriMo, maybe because of the hype or all the others doing it or whatever. So then I thought…what if I have my own one? What if I had my own one and MADE IT A ZINE.

And so I give you –

the zine edit connection - collage title
Edit Connection – a writing zine

What Connection Edit is

Connection Edit is a zine containing two stories, some collage work and photography by yours truly. The stories will be kicked off by writing prompt generator smartphone apps. Each issue will be available for purchase here and on the ESC Zine etsy store.

About Zines

I love zines. I own a whole load of them, co-edit ESC zine with my friends, and love The Public Zine Library which my friend Áine set up. All of these things are great things. Zines are such a fun thing to do; you really connect with people and get to see all these different takes on self-expression. I love the DIY quality of it – pritt stick, photocopiers, scanners. For me, it’s the dirtier the better.

About the Writing Prompt Generators

The only thing was was that I didn’t really have many ideas. This is where two writing prompt generators come in.

I’ve used generators before, creating Unnecessarily Grim through these mechanical, artificial means. It is a collection of four short short stories, Unnecessarily Grim is written entirely with the aid of an electronic prompt generator, because sometimes good things can come of artificiality.

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