False Hearted Lover Blues – Flash Fiction, #MWBB

My lordie would you look at that, I actually took part in a flash fiction online prompt thing. I usually don’t. I’m way too disorganised or have too much else going on (you pick which answer is correct, gentle reader).

The prompt is the song below, and the story is below that. The writing circle is the MidWeek Blues Buster, and the rules for this week, along with the judge, are here.

Jellybean had moved to the small town of Rush thirteen years before but the locals still didn’t regard him as a ‘real’ Rush man. If he stayed here and had kids here, well then that’d be just fine; they would be from the town, but never him. He felt the difference sometimes. The guys down the bar sometimes would dismiss a story as saying, “well, it was before your time,” or, “you wouldn’t understand it, you didn’t know their <insert distant, dead relative here>.”

Most of the time he didn’t give a shit. He was okay with being the odd man out; it was a style that suited him. He started to dress the part, going all Johnny Cash on it, always in black. He wanted to take to wearing a modest cowboy hat but he knew the guys wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. This big shot lawyer comin’ in from LA, they’d say, thinkin’ and makin’ like he was some kinda cowboy and shit, well, that’s just the dumbassed thing I ever seen.”

So what that he’d told them he was a lawyer. They’d never find out anyways. It’s not like they ever watched anything other than Fox on TV.

He felt safe here.

Until he met Ruby.

Read the rest of the story over here.



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