Kickstarter: 38% Funded!

With 26 days to go on our Kickstarter and we’re €349 raised of a €900 goal. Who knows what today will bring!

We’re fundraising for ESC #5, a purely literary issue, and Postal ESC, a collaborative mail art issue!

ESC zine is an Irish-based new writing and visual art zine. Founded in 2011, ESC is published both online and off. We enjoy off-kilter fiction, poetry, illustration, typographic design and photography.

ESC #5 is an issue only for literary works and features short stories and poetry by established and emerging writers from Ireland and beyond. It is handbound in a Japanese Stab Binding stitch and hand-stamped in gold ink.

Postal ESC is a zine that’s wound its hardy way around the world, gathering up the bold new work of artists and writers alike in a mail art extravaganza that’s travelled from continent to continent. You can read about the contributors here.

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