10 Reasons I Hate Earnest Hemingway

As much as I hate Hemingway, this is a great picture.

At least he was sometimes photogenic I guess
At least he was sometimes photogenic I guess

Reasons I hate Hemingway:

  1. He didn’t use adjectives
  2. For Whom The Bell Tolls is excessively boring
  3. Loads of white American male writers think it’s okay to not use adjectives now because of him
  4. He was a macho man’s man and sounded unbearable to be around
  5. His arrogance
  6. I think it’s hard for male American writers to get out from under his shadow (this is based on all those book reviews I wrote for decomP magazine a few years back)
  7. He said a stupid thing about all there is to writing is to sit at your typewriter and bleeding and it’s the most over-used quote of all time
  8. He liked bullfighting
  9. He was a dick to F Scott Fitzgerald (who in fairness probably had it coming because he was being a wuss about some stuff but that’s a whole other story. Hemingway was still a dick)
  10. I can only imagine how little he’d care about this post

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