The Water – a little flash fiction

This is for the Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest.

It’s the first draft.

I don’t know where the idea came from, but it’s the first piece of writing that I’ve done in nearly a month.

The Water

He said: you took your sweet time getting here. She said: Yeah I know, I’m sorry, I got stuck in traffic. He said: Sure is a beautiful evenin’. She said: One of the golden ones. He said: Can I get a bump? She said: Of course.

Silence. Birds.

He said: Siddown, you’re making me uncomfortable with all your standing around. She said: Is this better, baby? He said: Much.

Silence. Waves breaking on the shore. Sighing.

She said: So has there been any… He said: No. Not yet anyway. She said: Wait ’til the sun gets a bit lower. He said: The cusp of the turning. She said: Into night. He said: Have you ever seen it at any other time? She said: No I have not. He said: Then we wait. She said: Remember the last time we saw it? She said: We were here together on the beach and – She said: And you kissed me and then…then there it was. Remember? Remember how it gleamed in the water, a glimmering such as like we’d never seen before or since? She said: And the sound! That singing! He said: I remember. But it wasn’t singing, it was more like… She said: Wind. A breath on a breeze. He said: It sure is a beautiful evening. Look, you can see all the way to the west coast from here, it’s so clear and still. She said: A breath on a breeze. Singing that wasn’t singing because it was inside our heads.

Silence. Waves. Birds.

He said: Can I get another bump? It didn’t hit me so hard. She said: Yeah here.


She said: Just do it off my hand… There you go. He said: Yeah that’s better, baby. She said: Look! Did you see that! He said: It was just a fish. She said: Are you sure? He said: I’m sure. It hasn’t come yet. It’s not time yet. She said: Do you think anyone else has seen it? He said: I haven’t seen any pics on Twitter of it so I’m gonna go with no. She said: I love you, baby. He said: Yeah I know.

Silence. Water breaking. Crying out. Amazed laughter. They run into the water and the water takes them. The water takes them whole, with the song in their heads and the bump in their veins and an unrepeatable wildness. Water breaking. Silence.

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