Zineswap Alert!

Anyone out there in the wide world of the internet want to zineswap? I have this beauty here that I made a few weeks ago and am looking to get out into the ether.

Tools used to make this zine

  • a typewriter
  • an old-school label machine
  • a few magazines
  • a scissors
  • glue
  • my imagination

This zine contains

  • short stories and poetry. One of them is about tea and also how much I hate Hemingway.

What to do

If you read this and do want to zineswap, leave a comment or send me a tweet @CodenameWallaby!

But wait

If it’s Connection Edit #2, where’s Connection Edit #1? Right here for you to read online!

So yeah, tweet me, leave a comment, whatever! Let’s do this thing!

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