Mine Anthology: Kickstarter Planning Begins

Mine Anthology has a web page (check it out)! It’ll be our information place pre-during and post-kickstarter šŸ™‚

What’s Mine Anthology, you ask?


It’s Karen Harte and my project to change Ireland forever by supporting theAbortion Rights Campaign in repealing the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland introduced a constitutional ban on abortion by recognizing a right to life of an unborn child. It was effected by the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act, 1983, which was approved by referendum on 7 September 1983 and signed into law on the 7 October of the same year. – Wikipedia

I’ll be looking to you, dearest family and friends, for help and support during the Kickstarter – expect a lot of exhilarated/exhausted posts! I’ll be sharing all of my research and insights with you along the way. This will be my third Kickstarter and I’m hoping to make it the best one yet!

Karen and I haveĀ both been planning away and there’s going to be an awesome animated video (courtesy of Karen, illustrator and graphic designer extraordinaire) and perhaps a FORWARD by a person we’re both huge fans of *fingers crossed*.

If you have any tips out there in the blogosphere, please leave them in the comments below!

Oh and you can follow Mine Anthology on Twitter for news and behind-the-scenes peeks.

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