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Hello there!

I’ve bought my own domain, and am moving all these posts to that website. From now on you can find me at TheJessicaMaybury.Com. Classy I know.

I’ll now be updating solely there, but I’ll leave this here as an archive. An internet bread crumb trail if you will…

Reading Comics in the 21st Century

For most people, reading comics means flipping through the physical pages of a printed comic book, all slick and glossy and perfect.

Sometimes this is even precluded by a jaunt to your favourite local comic books store (my personal favourite comics book store is The Big Bang, in Dumdrum, Dublin, Ireland. Also that other shop that used to be in Crow Lane in Temple Bar that two men seemingly lived in and smelled weird).

Most people aren’t, however, this girl who likes comics. Cue the world’s tiniest violin playing the world’s saddest song.

Why not?

I’m an English-speaker in a non-English-speaking country, that’s why. Things are just fine so long as I want to read some Suske and Wiske or De Rode RidderI can get them in their native language. English, though? Maybe if I went to a big city, but certainly not in the small town I live in.

So I take my English-language comics any way I can get them, thanks; PDFs, CBRs, apps, feeds, webcomics, you name it, I’m there.

Most of the comics I read are PDFs that come in through my email from indie creators, webcomic aesthetes, zine addicts… and publishing houses such as Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics alike.

What apps, I hear you ask. What apps are good apps for reading comics.

In no uncertain order:

  • Tapastic. Our reading list is public, so feel free to have a browse
  • Stela as well; it’s exciting and new and sexy and A+ will scroll again
  • iComix, an iPhone app – it allows you to easily read formats like PDFs and cbrs on your phone with no hassle at all and honestly has made our lives (my life) so much better. It even connects to dropbox so you can store your comics there and download them to your phone whenever you feel like it
  • Comixology. Goes without saying
  • Feedly. On any given day there are at least 250 unread updates on Feedly from webcomics that I subscribe to. Am I subscribed to yours? I dunno, tweet me and let’s find out. Do I read webcomics on a daily basis? Of course. Who doesn’t, right?

Am I missing anything out here? What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know of any service or app or METHOD OF READING FREAKEN COMICS that I haven’t listed here, and I promise I’ll give it a try.

A caveat

Please, however, do not suggest this site because I don’t want to have my eyeballs burned out of my head by graphics and lights just yet, thanks.


Please note: this blog post first appeared on Girls Like Comics.

Happy International Zine Month!

Happy International Zine Month 2016!

I’m celebrating this year by making a zine all about our (honeymoon) trip to Japan. We’re leaving on Monday and I’ve got my cameras, notebook and coloured pens ready.

I’m also reading some comic zines for review for

So if you’re up for celebrating International Zine Month, here’s a list of things to do to! I got the photo from the Stolen Sharpie Revolution website, and it’s honestly *the* best book on zines that I own.

Photo from Stolen Sharpie Revolution
Photo from Stolen Sharpie Revolution