22 Places to Submit Your Fiction & Poetry

Now, some of these places have rejected me more than I can count, but that’s part of the game, chickadees. Am I really getting on this horse again? You betcha. I’m taking it bigger than it ever was before: it’s gonna get BROUGHT, bitch!

If you have red-hot poetry or short stories that need homes, here’s the list you need.

Did I leave anyone out? Let me know in the comments.

The list (not in any particular order)


Dancing Girl Press

The Diagram

Corium Magazine

Green Mountains Review

Booth: A Journal

Split Lip Magazine

Jellyfish Highway

Lockjaw Magazine

Alternating Current Press

Gigantic Sequins

The Pinch

Cartridge Lit


The Boiler

No Tokens

Spry Literary Journal

Nano Fiction



kill author

Smokelong Quarterly

Bridge Eight Literary Magazine


False Hearted Lover Blues – Flash Fiction, #MWBB

My lordie would you look at that, I actually took part in a flash fiction online prompt thing. I usually don’t. I’m way too disorganised or have too much else going on (you pick which answer is correct, gentle reader).

The prompt is the song below, and the story is below that. The writing circle is the MidWeek Blues Buster, and the rules for this week, along with the judge, are here.

Jellybean had moved to the small town of Rush thirteen years before but the locals still didn’t regard him as a ‘real’ Rush man. If he stayed here and had kids here, well then that’d be just fine; they would be from the town, but never him. He felt the difference sometimes. The guys down the bar sometimes would dismiss a story as saying, “well, it was before your time,” or, “you wouldn’t understand it, you didn’t know their <insert distant, dead relative here>.”

Most of the time he didn’t give a shit. He was okay with being the odd man out; it was a style that suited him. He started to dress the part, going all Johnny Cash on it, always in black. He wanted to take to wearing a modest cowboy hat but he knew the guys wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. This big shot lawyer comin’ in from LA, they’d say, thinkin’ and makin’ like he was some kinda cowboy and shit, well, that’s just the dumbassed thing I ever seen.”

So what that he’d told them he was a lawyer. They’d never find out anyways. It’s not like they ever watched anything other than Fox on TV.

He felt safe here.

Until he met Ruby.

Read the rest of the story over here.



Connection Edit Writing Zine – #1

The cover’s been designed for Connection Edit #1, and YES it looks like it was done by a three year old but I love it!

The man in the drawing is supposed to be the late, great Alan Turing by the way…I can see a resemblance but it’s possibly just me:

The late great Alan Turing. Also, back  Enigmatic Patterns: The Life and Death of Alan Turing on Kickstarter.
The late great Alan Turing. Also, back Enigmatic Patterns: The Life and Death of Alan Turing on Kickstarter.

Connection Edit is my own little version of NaNoWriMo. I’ll post bits and pieces from it up here every so often.


There’s a few reasons why I’m putting my writing into a zine rather than a pretty, self-published collection.

  1. I like the informal quality of zine-making. It doesn’t have to look good or be edited and finished. I like mistakes
  2. I don’t really know how I feel about self publishing
  3. I don’t have to finish the stories I’m putting into this zine; they can be fragments and it’ll still be okay
  4. Maybe someone out there will like to read it
  5. At least I’m still writing.

And in case you’re not sure about what a zine is:

Zines are written in a variety of formats, from desktop published text to comics to handwritten text (an example being the hardcore punk zine Cometbus). Print remains the most popular zine format, usually photocopied with a small circulation. Topics covered are broad, including fanfiction, politics, art and design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, riot grrrl and intersectional feminism, single topic obsession, or sexual content far enough outside of the mainstream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media. The time and materials necessary to create a zine are seldom matched by revenue from sale of zines. – Wikipedia

All about zines and writing stories

the zine edit connection - collage title

I haven’t been writing a lot; it’s a horrible truth. I was thinking about NaNoWriMo the other day, and how it really makes people write, or at least try to stick to a deadline. I’ve never been great at doing NaNoWriMo, maybe because of the hype or all the others doing it or whatever. So then I thought…what if I have my own one? What if I had my own one and MADE IT A ZINE.

And so I give you –

the zine edit connection - collage title
Edit Connection – a writing zine

What Connection Edit is

Connection Edit is a zine containing two stories, some collage work and photography by yours truly. The stories will be kicked off by writing prompt generator smartphone apps. Each issue will be available for purchase here and on the ESC Zine etsy store.

About Zines

I love zines. I own a whole load of them, co-edit ESC zine with my friends, and love The Public Zine Library which my friend Áine set up. All of these things are great things. Zines are such a fun thing to do; you really connect with people and get to see all these different takes on self-expression. I love the DIY quality of it – pritt stick, photocopiers, scanners. For me, it’s the dirtier the better.

About the Writing Prompt Generators

The only thing was was that I didn’t really have many ideas. This is where two writing prompt generators come in.

I’ve used generators before, creating Unnecessarily Grim through these mechanical, artificial means. It is a collection of four short short stories, Unnecessarily Grim is written entirely with the aid of an electronic prompt generator, because sometimes good things can come of artificiality.

Short Fiction – You Can’t Pixelate Paint

VisDare - Devoted
VisDare – Devoted

Two of my friends lost their virginity to Camilla, but I was the one who got her in the end, so to speak. It’s not that the place we lived in was known for sexual promiscuity, and I’m not saying Camilla is a slut at all, because that’d be slut-shaming. It’s just that she really liked my friends. I’m the only one who never slept with her. Continue reading “Short Fiction – You Can’t Pixelate Paint”

Fiction From the Iron Lung

Hello! Thanks for dropping in. I’ve uploaded an audio recording of a short fiction piece that I wrote called Olio. It’s based around the concept of an iron lung – no, not the Radiohead song – and polio, and it kind of just evolved from there. This recording was done at the 2013 Dublin Zine Fair and originally appeared in issue 2 of ESC zine.

From, “What America Looked Like: Polio Children Paralyzed in Iron Lungs.” (click to read the article)

Continue reading “Fiction From the Iron Lung”