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Writing is not like painting where you add. It is not what you put on the canvas that the reader sees. Writing is more like a sculpture where you remove, you eliminate in order to make the work visible. Even those pages you remove somehow remain. – ELIE WIESEL
Will Write for Chocolate
Will Write for Chocolate



It’s Monday! And on Thursday, I will be in New York City on the beginning of a month-long roadtrip to Iowa, New Orleans, Orlando, the Florida Keys and Miami.

What am I bringing? Three cameras, a notebook, three pens, and a pencil. I’ll be plugging out for all of August. Yeah baby yeah! Pretty excited about the long periods of adventure and writing time that lie ahead.

Do literary themes and symbols interfere with a story? What do you think? I wouldn’t say that they do, but then of course that’s what I’d say (given the way I write).

Is your book a rat king of impossible plots and subplots that you just can’t join up into a coherent whole? Honestly, you’re not alone. Seriously. Take comfort in How to Unravel the Impossible Knots of Your Plot.

Aside from themes, horrible plots and symbols, which can be a bit highfalutin for some, the advice that is most often given to writers by people who don’t really get writing is to “write what you know”. I know how to mow the lawn, should I write about that? – you may be thinking. What does it really mean to write what you know, though? What does that even goddamn mean?

What if you can’t write?

How about you? Do you have a great memory of something that went wrong?
How about you? Do you have a great memory of something that went wrong?

Some people might think that stuff like Story Ideas – Creative Writing Prompts are way too mechanical and dull for them – but lots of people disagree! Prompts can be so helpful when you’re just out of different ways to see things.

One that’s super awesome and you can download to your android is Writing Prompts. An article from Make Use Of also suggests these 7 apps, touting them as being 7 Apps That Will Help Motivate You To Write More.

What if you’ve gone the all-or-nothing approach and feel like if you’re not raking in fat stacks as a bestselling novelist, you might as well be dead and are taking up useful airspace that could be breathed in by more important people? If you’re feeling like that then failure is an option is definitely for you. We are too quick to give up and refuse to get up from our failures.

This one is allllllll me! Hands up if you don’t wanna write because you’re sleepy! Joe Bunting comes to the rescue here with How To Write When You’re Really Tired.

And finally, following Advice to Writers on Twitter has been really helpful (and consoling!), so give their website a look and give them a follow if you’re of the Tweeting persuasion.

Typography Interlude…

Water from Hyungsoon Joo on Vimeo.

Cool submission opportunities

  1. Eldritch Press Needs Steampunk Horror Stories for Anthology
  2. Milkweed Editions, a non-profit publisher of high-quality literature, has reopened its reading period (July to September) and is currently reviewing manuscripts from published and unpublished authors. Check out the details on Writing Career.

Weird and Interesting

Happy Monday!

Web Font Resources I’m Loving Right Now

As part of my ongoing spattering of posts about type design, typeface history and web fonts in the here-and-now (don’t you just love the digital age), I just published this piece on Medium.

Web Font Resources I’m Loving Right Now

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