22 Places to Submit Your Fiction & Poetry

Now, some of these places have rejected me more than I can count, but that’s part of the game, chickadees. Am I really getting on this horse again? You betcha. I’m taking it bigger than it ever was before: it’s gonna get BROUGHT, bitch!

If you have red-hot poetry or short stories that need homes, here’s the list you need.

Did I leave anyone out? Let me know in the comments.

The list (not in any particular order)


Dancing Girl Press

The Diagram

Corium Magazine

Green Mountains Review

Booth: A Journal

Split Lip Magazine

Jellyfish Highway

Lockjaw Magazine

Alternating Current Press

Gigantic Sequins

The Pinch

Cartridge Lit


The Boiler

No Tokens

Spry Literary Journal

Nano Fiction



kill author

Smokelong Quarterly

Bridge Eight Literary Magazine


Flash Fiction: Fuck Cancer

In the other room, her mother lay dying.


It always seemed to be cancer.

Aurelia thumped down onto the toilet seat, lid down, and perched on it staring into space for what felt like fifteen minutes but might as well have been fifteen seconds.


Fuck cancer.

She ran her fingers as far through her tangled hair as she could, not wanting to see the gaunt face that would gaze back at her if she looked in the mirror.

She could hear the breathing machine from here; it almost sounded like the sea; great lungs opening and closing; the benediction of water.

She heaved herself to her feet, resolving to be stronger, to take this better; to turn her focus again away from herself and on to what was needed.

She hesitated in front of her mother’s bedroom door which was slightly ajar. The light was crystalline. She peered in at her mother. The light was crystalline. All there was in the air was the breathing machine. Aurelia exhaled, and knew it was over.

I wrote this for Angela Goff’s VisDare: she posts up a picture, you write something in response. You can check it out here if you want. Highly recommended for you visual thinkers!

I hope you enjoyed this piece. If you participate in VisDare yourself, leave a link in the comments! 🙂