The Physical Body, the Virtual Body and MMORPGs

Virtual Reality: Leaving the Meat Behind

ludology and game theoryA bit of a change of pace, here.

Bear with me.

Rummaging around my Dropbox account, I found an academic essay I wrote a few years ago during my undergraduate degree. It is concerned with the physical body and the virtual body, and focuses on the ‘disembodying’ aspect of MMORPGS as well as focussing on the construction of self within the game-playing state,commonly referred to as In Game (IG).

Diana Gromala describes virtual reality (VR) as “a mythopoeic cultural phenomenon” and as an experience “through which notions of subjectivity flow and collide.”

I argued that the same can be said of MMORPGS (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), as both rely on a certain feeling of disembodiment to be physically and psychologically effective. Continue reading “The Physical Body, the Virtual Body and MMORPGs”