Cadbury Bring Me to Cadburyworld!

In case you haven’t heard my shrieking from wherever in the world you are, I won a Facebook competition to be a taster for Cadbury chocolate.

One of the very many treats that come along with the very serious and important job is that they flew me to Cadburyworld in Birmingham, and I could bring a guest!

Naturally, I brought my 9 year old brother. OF COURSE I did.


Joyville for Breakfast

this is joyville

A quick little post about something dear to the heart of so many people worldwide: chocolate cake and the magical land of Joyville.

Thanks so very much to Cadbury’s, I was chosen to be an official Joyville Tasting Assistant (see the excited blog post here).

To my blissful surprise, I was delivered a cake to my workplace late yesterday, the delivery man greeting me with a grin at the door.

Needless to say, I’ve been eating cake for dinner and breakfast! As my dad said – it’s not chocolate that’s making me happy; it’s Joyville.


Cadbury's Dairy Milk - Cake - Joyville

Cadbury's Dairy Milk - Cake - Joyville


Dispatch from Joyville – No. 1

jessica maybury joyville taster

joyville taster - cadburys chocolate

Even if you DON’T have a Facebook account, there were posters plastered the length and breadth of the country announcing that Cadburys were on the hunt for a Chocolate Taster.

They were searching for the most dedicated, ardent and determined fans of Cadburys Chocolate, and…along with seven other very lucky winners, THEY CHOSE ME.

That’s right!

It’s kind of like this:

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