Adventures with the Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera

This is the first roll of film I’ve taken with the Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera I received last Christmas. The photographs were all taken in Turnhout and in Brussels (in the rain).

As you can see from the film roll, there were many unexpected but pretty sexy light leaks, and one of the exposures was even ripped off halfway through (because I didn’t wind the film properly, I think).

I had been blatantly imagining myself as a 21st century Vivian Maier, daydreaming about all of those amazing black and white documentary portraits I would take of the contemporary life around me. I don’t know what I loved more; her work itself or her twin reflex camera.

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I did an interview for

St Patricks Cathedral in the Fog

I did a Q&A with Irish writer and blogger Alison Wells. It’s been posted up now on, ‘the home of Irish writing online.’

The Q&A focussed on ESC, a literary and visual arts publication that I’ve been running with my friends since 2011. There’s an extract below, and you can read the whole thing here.

You are actively seeking submissions; can you tell readers what you are looking for?

All of their professional weirdness. All of those odd half-thoughts you have at two am and decide to scribble down in the dark. If you want the world to be different and have an idea, tell us about it. Obviously, though, the work has to be good. I mean, people have standards, right?  If you can be funny, and grim, and tear something open, and smile while you do it, then send us your work.

Listen Up, Creatives: How Copyright Works


A gentleman of my acquaintance (you can tell I’ve been reading the Mysteries of Udolpho all day, can’t you) recently penned a plain-English article about online copyright.

As this is a very confusing topic and a lot of people seem to get outraged every now and then, I am reposting it here to spread the informative news.

Note number one: At the bottom of this post you will find a list of resources for images, sounds, video and textual work that are already in the public domain.

Note number two: Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators. Learn more about it here.

How Copyright Works

By Mike Manz

Originally posted at the Anthology Club

Few things seem to cause as much confusion, angst, and anxiety in the world of writers as copyright law. What it applies to, for how long, and under what circumstances are often treated as unanswerable questions on par with how the universe came to exist, or why whichever line you choose in the grocery store is always the slowest.

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Memoirs, Photography, and Your Opinion

Back in April I asked for your opinion.

I had a year of photos from Instagram that I had downloaded before I deleted Instagram, and I was wondering if a memoir-style photobook of Instagram photos would sound lame.

I’ve since reinstated my Instagram account (I just missed the little sucker!) but I have all the photos from that year in a folder with the genius title THE INSTAGRAM PROJECT. Continue reading “Memoirs, Photography, and Your Opinion”

Issue 4 of ESC zine is now available

esczine collage belton

ESC zine: visual art and writing

I’m happy to announce that issue 4 of ESC is available for purchase. Carefully cultivated and featuring international artists and writers, ESC#4 brings together a unique variety of talent. The first 100 issues come with a FREE insert by Steven Maybury!

Featuring photography, illustration, poetry and prose by Annie Yang, Steven Maybury, Áine Belton, WT Beck III, Jesse Bradley, Vivienne Baillie, Michael Andrew, Robert Doyle, David Tomaloff, and Louisa Love.

Get your copy for only €5 including P&P in Europe (International rates may vary but we’ll keep it as cheap as possible!). Simply email us at to order your copy.

Memoirs, photography and social media: can I get an opinion?

minolta maxuum qtsi
This is something that might be a stupid idea but maybe not. Also I think you’re going to think I’m a social media junkie now. I’m not a social media junkie, I’m a social media PROFESSIONAL.
Anyway. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a memoir in photography collection. It just hit me earlier that it might be kind of cool.
I have almost a year of photographs from Instagram that I’m downloading now from my photoblog on Tumblr because I deleted my Instagram & I’m afraid I might lose the photographs.
I’m going to edit the photos and see if I can in some way get a better resolution (probably not, but I’ll try) and then maybe do a timeline of what was happening in my life when they were taken because, well, it’s been rather eventful.
I guess it would generally be memoir of what happened since I had to move back home, and what the symbols mean in the photos (there’s a lot of symbolism) and how I’ve changed….and so forth.
I’m not really a memoir kind of a person. I write short stories & poetry but try to keep the subjects as far away from myself as possible (which is mostly impossible). I know I might be superficially honest on Twitter (if that makes sense?) but I generally keep people at arm’s length.
It would also neatly combine my skills in type design, InDesign, Illustrator, creating magazine layouts and perhaps even bookbinding, as well as photography & writing. Um.

So just as a question, Internet; does an Instagram photo book memoir collection thing sound lame….?