‘Life changing’ – or Just Marketing?

Google Calendar Says Play The Piano

Except I don’t do what Google Calendar says, because I’m not a robot. I wish I were a robot. I mean, making habits seems easy when you think about it.

You do something.

You repeat it.

Ad nauseum.

Except it’s really not that easy at all.

I mean, if you don’t do something, like exercise or piano practice, that you know you’re meant to do, it implies that you don’t want to do it, yes? Except…you do really want to do it. You just wish you’d already done it, or you’d already reached the shining end goal in your mind (ripped abs, for example).

What is it, though, that makes people not do things that they know they’ll

  1. Enjoy doing once they start
  2. Be glad they’ve done it
  3. Find rewarding


Why don’t people stick to their good intentions?

Is it laziness? Are humans really that lazy? What is it that separates people with drive from people without? Self belief? A clearer image of the goal? Or is it having no goal at all?

I’m really not sure.

Leo over in Zenhabits says that it could be that the habit’s too hard or that it’s a really big undertaking (i.e. run 5 miles a day when you’ve never run ever in your life). Dave Navarro says that it’s because you say you want it, but really you want something else (i.e. lying in bed eating cookies and watching horror films).

I Googled ‘how to make something a habit’ and a plethora of links came up. It seems to be quite a thing.

Here’s a few of the links:

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What do you think? Hes anyone in the WORLD ever actually stuck to their guns and acquired a new habit, or is it all just marketing?


Procrastination and the attainment of non attainment (infographic)

infographic friday


As chosen by me, and always to do with the subject matter of this blog 馃檪 Today we are dealing with my very old, good friend….procrastination.

I think procrastination is kind of…nialistically zen. It’s nihilistic because, well, life and the world is meaningless and we’re all going to s1*t anyway so we might as well sit around and do whatever we want. It’s zen because there’s no need to attain anything because we already HAVE everything. The attainment of non-attainment. By zen I mean Buddhist. I think. I really need to get my terminology right.

So we learn a new word and a new concept today, my friends:

pro路cras路ti路nate 聽(pr-krst-nt, pr-)

v. pro路cras路ti路nat路ed, pro路cras路ti路nat路ing, pro路cras路ti路nates

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.


To postpone or delay needlessly.

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. – see The Attainment of Non Attainment

You’re welcome.