23 Unusual Things You Need to Experience on Culture Night 2013 Dublin

Why 23 things? Why not 20 or 25?

Because it’s my blog.

What do I mean by ‘unusual’?

I mean learning things you never knew about.

I mean a lot of paper: books, writers, readings, poetry.

I mean going to places in Dublin that you’ve never been before, secret hidden places that are thrown open for just this one night.

I mean seeing Dublin city in a way you never imagined. I mean changing your perspectives.

I mean urban spaces, Gerard Manley Hopkins, contemporary Irish music, herbology, street art, philosophy, choral evensong, life in the flats, local history, Victorian astronomy and last but not least, the Irish language.

What’s Culture Night again?

Culture Night 2013 will take place on Friday September 20th from 5pm-11pm.

Culture Night is a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure in Dublin and across 34 towns, cities and counties in Ireland. Arts and cultural organisations open their doors until late with hundreds of free events, tours, talks & performances for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

Culture Night is an initiative co-ordinated by Temple Bar Cultural Trust and supported by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in partnership with the regional arts offices and local authorities throughout the island of Ireland.

Culture Night 2013 Dublin is the biggest event yet in the eight years that this thing has been running.

22 Unusual Things You Need to Experience on Culture Night 2013 Dublin

In no particular order:

  1. Sword Fencing: Enjoy a demonstration and then try your hand with a free introductory class in modern epee fencing with fencing coaches Doug Hazel and Olga Velma. Also on the night there will be swordsmanship with the SCA medieval recreation society. Learn how the elegant but deadly rapier and the fearsome two-handed longsword were actually used in life-or-death combat.
  2. Mendacity Society: Founded in 1818, for many years the institution was the largest charity in Dublin with workshops, dining rooms, dispensaries, a school and hospital. Costumed guides will re-enact how welfare was administered, taste the food served to paupers in the 19th Century (re-imagined by Michelin starred chef Colin O’Daly ) and see interesting artefacts. Address: 9 Island Street, Dublin 8, Web: mendicity.org
  3. Jam Art Factory: Jam Art Factory will be opening their doors to showcase the best in contemporary art and design. It will be packed with screen prints, street art, ceramics and illustrations, all with a quirky and unique feel. There will be work on display from Street Artist – Solus, Digital Artist – Sketchy Inc and Illustrator – Sarah Cunningham. See their website or facebook page for further info. Time: 5pm–11pm. Address: Crown Alley, Temple Bar. Web: jamartfactory.com
  4. St Patrick’s Cathedral: Join us for Choral Evensong from, sung by the Cathedral Choir (those wishing to attend should be seated by 5.20pm). The Choristers will be in concert giving a short recital of sacred and secular music. Guided tours available between 7–10pm (last entry 9.30pm). Visit our website for further info. Time: 5pm–10pm. Address: Saint Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8. Web: stpatrickscathedral.ie
  5. Archbishop Marsh’s Library: Marsh’s Library is a perfectly preserved late-Renaissance library located right in the heart of the city. It has changed little since it fi rst oeened to the public in 1707, and houses important collections of books and manuscripts. We offer a free, 20-minute guided tour of the library on the hour every hour starting at 5pm. 25 people max. Time: 5pm–10pm. Address: Saint Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8. Web: marshlibrary.ie
  6. Contemporary Music Centre: Experience truly live compositions by Irish composers at Ireland’s Centre for Contemporary Music. Curated by composer Karen Power, each piece of music unfolds throughout culture night culminating in live performances in the Centre and involving urban spaces around Temple Bar. Time: 5pm–10pm. Address: 19 Fishamble Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. Web: cmc.ie
  7. New Acropolis Ireland: Come join us for a series of presentations on a diverse range of topics from a philosophical perspective. As well as enjoying insightful talks and good company, we will also have free tea and cake to sweeten your evening! Address: Aennom Street, Portobello, Dublin 8. Web: acropolis.ie
  8. Oxfambooks: This year join us for a spectacular blend of music and literature brought to Oxfambooks by Nighthawks. Dublin is alive and kickin’.Go out and see it. Time: 7pm–10pm. Address: 23 Parliament Street, Dublin 2. Web: oxfamireland.org
  9. National Photographic Archive: Exhibition celebrating the people and environment of Pearse House Flats in Dublin City. The exhibition, dually located between the NPA and Pearse House Flats consists of Jeanette Lowe’s beautiful contemporary photographs of the people and environment, exhibited alongside hundreds of old photographs contributed by local people. Time 5pm–11pm. Address: Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Web: jeanettelowe.ie
  10. Gallery of Photography: The Market – Mark Curran curated by Helen Carey. This specially commissioned project will be presented in Dublin, Belfast and Limerick, each with distinct and different work, marking the centenary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout, on this significant centenary and the society of today. Time 5pm–9pm. Address Meeting House Sq. Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Web: galleryofphotography.ie
  11. Urban Agency: In all major cities there are derelict spaces – under utilised parts of the urban fabric that are ignored and neglected. The project proposes to deal with these urban non-spaces such as small lanes and alleys through the back of many buildings throughout the city. The proposed site is located in Crampton Court, Temple Bar,accessible from Dame St and Essex St. Time 5pm–11pm. Address: 2 Essex Quay, Isolde Tower, Dublin 2. Web: architecture-republic.com
  12. Melt Apothecary: ‘Hedgerow Remedies’ – Workshops on the properties of herbal remedies created from common plants, and showing how tinctures and creams are used for hedgerow herbalism. People will be able to avail of 5–10min slots to receive a Chinese pulse diagnosis. Free taste samples available of herbal teas that are used for different remedies. Time 5pm–9pm. Address: 2 Temple Lane South, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Web: meltonline.com
  13. White Lady Art: Mr Tarpit (Andrew Hamilton) is an Irish Street artist who will be showing his new work ‘Cereal Killers’ during September. On Culture Night he will do a live painting event on small canvases that will be for sale as one-off pieces for a VERY SMALL amount! He will do one larger piece as well that will be raffled off to one lucky winner. We will have live music too from Super Happy Fun Times. Web: whiteladyart.com
  14. Darc Space: The Dublin Architecture Space’s subject matter ranges from architecture to urban design through to Landscape. Programme to be confirmed nearer the date. Visit our website for further info. Web: darcspace.ie.
  15. Mountjoy Square Society: Bernadette Manning will host a traditional Dublin evening of 18th and early 19th century song and craic in her house at no 19, starting at 5.30pm and ending at 7pm. Karin O’Flanagan, a long time resident of the square with an extensive knowledge of its history and architecture will then lead a walking tour. Address: 25 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1. Web: mountjoysquaresociety.com
  16. Fighting Words: Come write a story at Fighting Words. Fast-paced and fun creative writing workshops for families with primary school age children. We will start a story together – but each participant will complete it individually! The workshops are free but advance booking is essential. Address: Behan Square, 13 Russell Street, Dublin 1. Web: fightingwords.ie
  17. Seán O’Casey Community Centre: Commemorate the 1913 Lockout centenary in drama and song, and celebrate Dublin Dockers legacy. Events include ‘Victims’, a one act elan first performed a century ago, originally starring Delia Larkin, and Dublin Dockworkers photographic exhibition. Visit our website for further info. Time 5pm–1pm Address: St Mary’s Road, East Wall ,Dublin 3. Web: seanocaseycommunitycentre.ie
  18. Gael Linn: Gael Linn was founded in 1953 and has been known since then as an entrepreneurial organisation. The main aim of the organisation is to foster and promote the Irish language and its heritage throughout Ireland as a living language and as an expression of identity. Time 5pm–9pm. Address: 35 Sráid an Dáma, Baile Átha Cliath 2. Web: gael-linn.ie
  19. UCD Newman House: A unique listening experience for one in the bedroom where the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins lived in Newman House Dublin in the 1880s. Directed by Dylan Tighe and composed by Seán Mac Erlaine No Worst There is None is a sonic journey into the psyche of Hopkins as he approaches death. Booking essential – see culturenight.ie. Time 5pm–8pm. Web: ucd.ie/newman/about/newman_house/index.html
  20. Big Smoke Writing Factory: The Factory throws open its doors for an evening of creativity, mingling and tea! From 5.30pm ‘Creative Cafe’ provides refreshments and writing prompts. Introduction to Creative Writing (free but booking essential). 8–9pm – Readings and entertainment from Big Smoke students and facilitators. Time: As stated above. Address: 7 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2. Web: bigsmokewritingfactory.com
  21. Stoney Road Press: Stoney Road Press is a fine art publishing and editioning house working with artists to produce limited edition hand-made prints and books. ‘Four Squares’ is an exhibition of new prints by architect Ronnie Tallon inspired by ‘the simplicity of the square’. Time 5pm–10pm. Address: Stoney Road, Dublin 3. Web: stoneyroadpress.com
  22. Glasnevin Cemetery Museum: Explore our award winning interactive museum exhibition and experience an exclusive tour of the crypt of Cemetery founder and Catholic Emancipator Daniel O’Connell, who lies beneath the iconic O’Connell Tower, which is the object of discovery for the Family Culture Trail. Tours are 20 mins long. Booking is essential. Time 5pm–9pm. Address: Finglas Road, Dublin 11. Web: glasnevincemetery.ie
  23. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies – Dunsink Observatory. Visit Dublin’s historical observatory and the home of Ireland’s greatest mathematician and scientist, William Rowan Hamilton. See the magnificent Victorian engineering of the South telescope and dome, built by Grubb of Dublin. Time 7pm–11pm. Address: Dunsink Lane, Castleknock, Dublin 15. Web: astronomytrail.ie


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