Learning How to Code – the future can be easy

Learning Web Design: Update #1

Dear Internet:

I really want to be able to design and build themes for WordPress and Tumblr. Here’s how I’m doing with the web design stuff, in case you were interested. I’m learning at Codeacademy, with the enthusiastic support of Twitter (is there anything Twitter can’t do?).

The 19 exercises I just did covered things that I already know, but I’m tuckered out all the same. I don’t think my brain can handle too much information at any one time anymore, and as there’s a difference between looking at someone else’s HTML and writing your own, I’m going to get me into my leaba and go asleep.

What did I do in the 7 months since Codeacademy registration

Apparently the first web design lesson I took at Code Academy was an egregious 7 months ago. Slap on the wrist for Jessica. What have I been doing in that time? A moment of reflection, please.

  • I destroyed my novel and then found it again and am editing it and rewriting it
  • I did some poetry readings
  • I worked (apparently) 775 hours (which seems really loads but…maybe?)
  • I practised the piano. I played the piano
  • I wrote stories
  • I met some new people
  • I read approximately 6 books
  • I took bajillions of photos
  • I slept

Not too bad I suppose, for 7 months. Still though. I read a saying the other day that went something like

Don’t put things off just because they take too long: the time is going to pass anyway.

That, my dear friends, struck me like lightning. Time will pass anyway. Life goes on. So do what you want to do now and get started and get stuck in because someday you’ll wake up and you’re seven years older and still haven’t gone to Canada like you dreamed or still haven’t done that course in flower arranging.

Get up and get moving because death is for the still.

Much love.


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