Memoirs, Photography, and Your Opinion

Back in April I asked for your opinion.

I had a year of photos from Instagram that I had downloaded before I deleted Instagram, and I was wondering if a memoir-style photobook of Instagram photos would sound lame.

I’ve since reinstated my Instagram account (I just missed the little sucker!) but I have all the photos from that year in a folder with the genius title THE INSTAGRAM PROJECT.

It had been a pretty busy year, all round.

A few readers of this blog made it known that they wouldn’t, in fact, think it was lame.

Cool, I thought to myself. It’s been percolating in my mind ever since – until yesterday, when something happened that made the idea click in my head, and completed it.

So, you know what?

Let’s do this thing.

Here’s a small slideshow –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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