Two poems about what dogs think (probably)

I’m really excited to have found this because I was just wondering yesterday if our dogs think. Thanks to the two-time American Poet Laurete, Billy Collins, I’ve gained some more ideas about what dogs might think.

Maybe they’re meditating? Maybe they’re pretending they’re walking on grass? Maybe they’re just wishing you’d stop typing already or stop staring at that damn screen that sometimes has barking dogs on it and just go outside with them.*

Having thought about it for a while, I started talking about it (I never stop talking or wondering about stuff. This has led to questions throughout my life as to whether I’m on drugs. I’m not.). The conversation with my boyfriend about it went something like this –

Me: Do you think dogs think about stuff when they’re not smelling?

Him: Yeah probably.

Me: Like what…the meat they had that time and how it was great?

Him: Places they’ve been maybe.

Me: Maybe they don’t think at all. Maybe they’re like men; when they’re not doing something, they just don’t think much about anything.

14591364761_239cd53540_oWe have a dog called Feniq. We adopted him three months ago and he’s made great improvements in the relaxation department.

He came with his name but his passport says he used to be called Rambo. He’s nothing at all like a Rambo; maybe that’s part of the reason he was dumped at the dog shelter all stressed out and nervous and unable to deal with old men, people in wheelchairs, people with beards, women with shopping bags, or other dogs. He also freaks out when you hold something like a broom and for a while was afraid of bin trucks. Poor Feniq.

I’ve been watching him lying on the floor beside me as I type this, his eyes open but not looking at anything particularly interesting. Every so often he’ll look up at me and wag his tail two or three times. Come on, he seems to be saying. Come on.

Maybe he’s communing with the great dog collective consciousness that’s hanging around the earth or something.

Either way, I think he’d appreciate a walk right now. I’m gonna go take care of that, and you can stay here and listen to two poems by Billy Collins.

If you have any ideas or insights as to what dogs might think – are you a dog? – then don’t keep them to yourself (i.e. comment).

* Our dog is afraid of David Cronenberg movies. During Scanners he was looking behind the tv, restless and whining and then barking. We can no longer watch Cronenberg movies. I wonder if he’d be scared of Cosmopolis


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