Memoirs, photography and social media: can I get an opinion?

This is something that might be a stupid idea but maybe not. Also I think you’re going to think I’m a social media junkie now. I’m not a social media junkie, I’m a social media PROFESSIONAL.
Anyway. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a memoir in photography collection. It just hit me earlier that it might be kind of cool.
I have almost a year of photographs from Instagram that I’m downloading now from my photoblog on Tumblr because I deleted my Instagram & I’m afraid I might lose the photographs.
I’m going to edit the photos and see if I can in some way get a better resolution (probably not, but I’ll try) and then maybe do a timeline of what was happening in my life when they were taken because, well, it’s been rather eventful.
I guess it would generally be memoir of what happened since I had to move back home, and what the symbols mean in the photos (there’s a lot of symbolism) and how I’ve changed….and so forth.
I’m not really a memoir kind of a person. I write short stories & poetry but try to keep the subjects as far away from myself as possible (which is mostly impossible). I know I might be superficially honest on Twitter (if that makes sense?) but I generally keep people at arm’s length.
It would also neatly combine my skills in type design, InDesign, Illustrator, creating magazine layouts and perhaps even bookbinding, as well as photography & writing. Um.

So just as a question, Internet; does an Instagram photo book memoir collection thing sound lame….?

6 thoughts on “Memoirs, photography and social media: can I get an opinion?

  1. I’m torn on this one! It sounds really cool, but the fact that you only have a year’s worth (which is a lot in Instagram but not much in comparison to how much ground memoirs usualy cover) makes the idea less appealing to me. I don’t know if anyone could do a really riveting memoir about just a year in their lives. But good luck proving me wrong if you go forward with it!


    1. Oh I dunno, Nicholeck…a year in my life could be a lifetime in others. But the book wouldn’t be very long, I guess. It would also depend on the layout etc. It’s been a rather chaotic year, with an awful lot happening – one of those years you can feel yourself changing.


  2. Not at all! Instagram is an authentic memory keeper, the photos you take on your phone are “living in the moment” pictures and pack quite an emotional punch. (Just sticking my two penneth in, lol.)


    1. Hey pookah 🙂 Thanks for the feedback! It’s weird, downloading them and looking at them as a whole. I must stare at the ground all the time when I walk about.


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