I did an interview for writing.ie

I did a Q&A with Irish writer and blogger Alison Wells. It’s been posted up now on writing.ie, ‘the home of Irish writing online.’

The Q&A focussed on ESC, a literary and visual arts publication that I’ve been running with my friends since 2011. There’s an extract below, and you can read the whole thing here.

You are actively seeking submissions; can you tell readers what you are looking for?

All of their professional weirdness. All of those odd half-thoughts you have at two am and decide to scribble down in the dark. If you want the world to be different and have an idea, tell us about it. Obviously, though, the work has to be good. I mean, people have standards, right?  If you can be funny, and grim, and tear something open, and smile while you do it, then send us your work.

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